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This article is a big collection of information all about the wiki and it's structure. You'll find shortcuts to guides and to any information you may need to know when working on your articles.

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Data lists

Available adventure schools

Available adventure skills

Available armor types

Available building types

Available craft schools

Available craft skills

Available creature types

Available food types

Available game modification types

Available game update types

Available image categories

Available item types

Available machines

Available quest types

Town Marshall
Trophy Hunter
Unknown / Undefined

Available technique types

Available technique kit types

1H Crush Weapon
1H Pierce Weapon
1H Slash Weapon
2H Crush Weapon
2H Slash Weapon
Any Armor
Any Jewelry
Any Scale
Any Weapon
Arms Armor
Back Scale
Belt Armor
Chest Armor
Chest Scale
Composite Shortbow
Face Armor
Feet Armor
Forearms Armor
Foreleg Scale
Hands Armor
Head Armor
Head Scale
Heavy Crossbow
Hindleg Scale
Legs Armor
Shoulder Armor
Tail Scale
Wing Scale

Available tools

Adamantium Cooking Knife
Adamantium Tinkering Spanner
Adamantium Tool Claw
Beginner Alteration Wand
Beginner Baking Spatula
Beginner Board Plane
Beginner Brew Stirrer
Beginner Bucket
Beginner Carpentry Hammer
Beginner Clay Scoop
Beginner Cooking Knife
Beginner Dragon Tool Claw
Beginner Essence Shaper
Beginner Essence Siphon
Beginner Essence Structurer
Beginner Fabric Scissors
Beginner Fishing Pole
Beginner Fitting Mallet
Beginner Gem Cutter
Beginner Harvest Knife
Beginner Hunting Knife
Beginner Istarian Army Knife
Beginner Jewelry Pliers
Beginner Masonry Trowel
Beginner Mining Pick
Beginner Mixing Spoon
Beginner Mortar and Pestle
Beginner Rune Stylus
Beginner Salvage Awl
Beginner Sap Spigot
Beginner Sewing Needle
Beginner Smelting Tongs
Beginner Smithing Hammer
Beginner Stone Chisel
Beginner Tanning Blade
Beginner Tinkering Spanner
Beginner Tree Axe
Beginner Weaving Awl
Beginner Wood Saw
Bronze Carpentry Hammer
Bronze Cooking Knife
Bronze Fabric Scissors
Bronze Fitting Mallet
Bronze Gem Cutter
Bronze Harvest Knife
Bronze Hunting Knife
Bronze Istarian Army Knife
Bronze Jewelry Pliers
Bronze Masonry Trowel
Bronze Mining Pick
Bronze Rune Stylus
Bronze Salvage Awl
Bronze Sap Spigot
Bronze Sewing Needle
Bronze Smelting Tongs
Bronze Smithing Hammer
Bronze Stone Chisel
Bronze Tanning Blade
Bronze Tinkering Spanner
Bronze Tool Claw
Bronze Tree Axe
Bronze Weaving Awl
Bronze Wood Saw
Cedar Alteration Wand
Cedar Baking Spatula
Cedar Board Plane
Cedar Bucket
Cedar Fishing Pole
Cedar Mixing Spoon
Cerulean Crystal Flask
Cobalt Carpentry Hammer
Cobalt Cooking Knife
Cobalt Fitting Mallet
Cobalt Harvest Knife
Cobalt Hunting Knife
Cobalt Istarian Army Knife
Cobalt Masonry Trowel
Cobalt Mining Pick
Cobalt Rune Stylus
Cobalt Salvage Awl
Cobalt Sap Spigot
Cobalt Sewing Needle
Cobalt Smelting Tongs
Cobalt Smithing Hammer
Cobalt Stone Chisel
Cobalt Tanning Blade
Cobalt Tinkering Spanner
Cobalt Tool Claw
Cobalt Tree Axe
Cobalt Weaving Awl
Cobalt Wood Saw
Crystal Flask
Dimensional Apparatus
Elm Alteration Wand
Elm Baking Spatula
Elm Board Plane
Elm Bucket
Elm Fishing Pole
Elm Mixing Spoon
Epic Tool: Surtheim-Infused Fiery Mining Pick
Epic Tool: The Queen's Siphon
Epic Tool Claw: Dimensional Apparatus
Essence Shaper
Essence Siphon
Expert Alteration Wand
Expert Baking Spatula
Expert Board Plane
Expert Brew Stirrer
Expert Bucket
Expert Carpentry Hammer
Expert Clay Scoop
Expert Cooking Knife
Expert Dragon Tool Claw
Expert Essence Shaper
Expert Essence Siphon
Expert Essence Structurer
Expert Fabric Scissors
Expert Fishing Pole
Expert Fitting Mallet
Expert Gem Cutter
Expert Harvest Knife
Expert Hunting Knife
Expert Istarian Army Knife
Expert Jewelry Pliers
Expert Masonry Trowel
Expert Mining Pick
Expert Mixing Spoon
Expert Mortar and Pestle
Expert Rune Stylus
Expert Salvage Awl
Expert Sap Spigot
Expert Sewing Needle
Expert Smelting Tongs
Expert Smithing Hammer
Expert Stone Chisel
Expert Tanning Blade
Expert Tinkering Spanner
Expert Tree Axe
Expert Weaving Awl
Expert Wood Saw
Gold Fabric Scissors
Gold Gem Cutter
Gold Jewelry Pliers
Granite Brew Stirrer
Granite Clay Scoop
Granite Essence Shaper
Granite Essence Siphon
Granite Essence Structurer
Granite Glassblowing Rod
Granite Mortar and Pestle
Iron Carpentry Hammer
Iron Cooking Knife
Iron Fitting Mallet
Iron Harvest Knife
Iron Hunting Knife
Iron Istarian Army Knife
Iron Masonry Trowel
Iron Mining Pick
Iron Rune Stylus
Iron Salvage Awl
Iron Sap Spigot
Iron Sewing Needle
Iron Smelting Tongs
Iron Smithing Hammer
Iron Stone Chisel
Iron Tanning Blade
Iron Tinkering Spanner
Iron Tool Claw
Iron Tree Axe
Iron Weaving Awl
Iron Wood Saw
Journeyman Alteration Wand
Journeyman Baking Spatula
Journeyman Board Plane
Journeyman Brew Stirrer
Journeyman Bucket
Journeyman Carpentry Hammer
Journeyman Clay Scoop
Journeyman Cooking Knife
Journeyman Dragon Tool Claw
Journeyman Essence Shaper
Journeyman Essence Siphon
Journeyman Essence Structurer
Journeyman Fabric Scissors
Journeyman Fishing Pole
Journeyman Fitting Mallet
Journeyman Gem Cutter
Journeyman Harvest Knife
Journeyman Hunting Knife
Journeyman Istarian Army Knife
Journeyman Jewelry Pliers
Journeyman Masonry Trowel
Journeyman Mining Pick
Journeyman Mixing Spoon
Journeyman Mortar and Pestle
Journeyman Rune Stylus
Journeyman Salvage Awl
Journeyman Sap Spigot
Journeyman Sewing Needle
Journeyman Smelting Tongs
Journeyman Smithing Hammer
Journeyman Stone Chisel
Journeyman Tanning Blade
Journeyman Tinkering Spanner
Journeyman Tree Axe
Journeyman Weaving Awl
Journeyman Wood Saw
Maple Alteration Wand
Maple Baking Spatula
Maple Board Plane
Maple Bucket
Maple Fishing Pole
Maple Mixing Spoon
Marble Brew Stirrer
Marble Clay Scoop
Marble Essence Shaper
Marble Essence Siphon
Marble Essence Structurer
Marble Glassblowing Rod
Marble Mortar and Pestle
Master Cooking Knife
Master Dragon Tool Claw
Master Tinkering Spanner
Mithril Carpentry Hammer
Mithril Cooking Knife
Mithril Fabric Scissors
Mithril Fitting Mallet
Mithril Gem Cutter
Mithril Harvest Knife
Mithril Hunting Knife
Mithril Istarian Army Knife
Mithril Jewelry Pliers
Mithril Masonry Trowel
Mithril Mining Pick
Mithril Rune Stylus
Mithril Salvage Awl
Mithril Sap Spigot
Mithril Sewing Needle
Mithril Smelting Tongs
Mithril Smithing Hammer
Mithril Stone Chisel
Mithril Tanning Blade
Mithril Tinkering Spanner
Mithril Tool Claw
Mithril Tree Axe
Mithril Weaving Awl
Mithril Wood Saw
Oak Alteration Wand
Oak Baking Spatula
Oak Board Plane
Oak Bucket
Oak Fishing Pole
Oak Mixing Spoon
Obsidian Brew Stirrer
Obsidian Clay Scoop
Obsidian Essence Shaper
Obsidian Essence Siphon
Obsidian Essence Structurer
Obsidian Glassblowing Rod
Obsidian Mortar and Pestle
Old Wooden Bucket
Platinum Fabric Scissors
Platinum Gem Cutter
Platinum Jewelry Pliers
Refurbished Bronze Fabric Scissors
Refurbished Bronze Harvest Knife
Refurbished Bronze Rune Stylus
Refurbished Bronze Sewing Needle
Refurbished Bronze Smithing Hammer
Refurbished Bronze Tree Axe
Sandstone Brew Stirrer
Sandstone Clay Scoop
Sandstone Essence Shaper
Sandstone Essence Siphon
Sandstone Essence Structurer
Sandstone Glassblowing Rod
Sandstone Mortar and Pestle
Silver Fabric Scissors
Silver Gem Cutter
Silver Jewelry Pliers
Slate Brew Stirrer
Slate Clay Scoop
Slate Essence Shaper
Slate Essence Siphon
Slate Essence Structurer
Slate Glassblowing Rod
Slate Mortar and Pestle
Steel Carpentry Hammer
Steel Cooking Knife
Steel Fitting Mallet
Steel Harvest Knife
Steel Hunting Knife
Steel Istarian Army Knife
Steel Masonry Trowel
Steel Mining Pick
Steel Rune Stylus
Steel Salvage Awl
Steel Sap Spigot
Steel Sewing Needle
Steel Smelting Tongs
Steel Smithing Hammer
Steel Stone Chisel
Steel Tanning Blade
Steel Tinkering Spanner
Steel Tool Claw
Steel Tree Axe
Steel Weaving Awl
Steel Wood Saw
Surtheim-Infused Fiery Mining Pick
The Queen's Siphon
Training Alteration Wand
Training Baking Spatula
Training Board Plane
Training Brew Stirrer
Training Carpentry Hammer
Training Clay Scoop
Training Cooking Knife
Training Essence Shaper
Training Essence Siphon
Training Essence Structurer
Training Fabric Scissors
Training Fishing Pole
Training Fitting Mallet
Training Gem Cutter
Training Glassblowing Rod
Training Harvest Knife
Training Jewelry Pliers
Training Masonry Trowel
Training Mining Pick
Training Mixing Spoon
Training Mortar and Pestle
Training Rune Stylus
Training Sap Spigot
Training Sewing Needle
Training Smelting Tongs
Training Smithing Hammer
Training Stone Chisel
Training Tanning Blade
Training Tinkering Spanner
Training Tree Axe
Training Weaving Awl
Training Wood Saw
Training Wooden Bucket
Wolf Hide Harvest Knife
Yew Alteration Wand
Yew Baking Spatula
Yew Board Plane
Yew Bucket
Yew Fishing Pole
Yew Mixing Spoon

Available weapon types