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Istaria: what is it all about?

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Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), developed by Virtrium, LLC. It has been released in december of 2003 by Artifact Entertainment, entitled as Horizons: Empire of Istaria. The game comes with a wide variety of different fantasy characters, including playable, flying dragons. Currently there are 11 races, 28 adventure schools and 22 craft schools available.

The game's play style is based on a player versus environment (PvE) system. Player versus player (PvP) is still possible in a restricted area. Adventure the game by combining powers of different classes. Istaria's multiclass system lets you choose between the abilities of more than one school at any time. However, full power will only come to the class you selected to be the active one on your adventures.

Craft your own equipment to become even more powerful. Crafting is a big part of the game, almost anything you may obtain is crafted by players: houses, lairs, weapons, equipment, tools, and so on. Own a lair or a plot of land in settlements to build your residence. Aid others to build theirs. Several hundreds of formulas are waiting to be worked by your skilled hands.

About Istaria Lexica

We are proud to provide you with information about the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Istaria. The Istaria Lexica is, like most other wikis, a community driven project. Players of Istaria commit updates and new information to the wiki to provide it to everyone.

Istaria Lexica was born when the two founders, Terao Tar and Elteria Shadowhand, met each other for the first time in real life on April 30th, 2015. Both were pretty enthusiastic wiki editors already and had a good experience on the MediaWiki software. On the real life event, which was visited by a few other Istarian players from the Order shard, too, both agreed on the fact that the community should be given a chance to join in on harvesting information and support others with their knowledge. The agreeing nodding of other attendees was a clear sign that we're on a good plan.

So the journey began. To prepare a wiki system for a group of players who never worked on a wiki before. How should they learn it? This is a basic task Istaria Lexica takes care of. Everyone shall be able to commit knowledge without knowing too much about wikis and learning into things they wouldn't want to. While creating simple guides and templates for the community, the founders provide support as good as possible for wiki newcomers. For example by offering dialogues on the site or having chats about any issues directly in the game.

Join the Istaria Lexica community and help us become a great resource for Istaria - Chronicles of the Gifted!

Help us on the Wiki!

It is much easier to add missing information as you would think! The more helpers the wiki aquires, the better information is provided to Istaria's community.

Everyone is encouraged to provide information in any way they desire. Contacting committers, doing comments, talk to each other in the game; everything is okay and very welcome. Everyone is free to edit pages without any bad manipulation afterwards. Wikis are free for everyone and everyone shall be free to edit without fears of harm or 'having done something wrong'. Editing in a wiki means adding what you currently know. If it's not much or even wrong, that's no problem. You are able to edit at any time, to update anything and others may aswell correct or enhance by chance, without any rant. That's the way a wiki lives. That's the way a community lives.

For a first start into the wiki world we created 'The Gifted's guide to the Istaria Lexica Wiki'. It is written especially for Istarian players and has a progressive structure; if you are not able to handle a certain difficulty you can still go back to easier tasks. Other users can assist you, too. Simply start a thread on their talk page: active users and administrators are a good way to aquire hints.
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Blight Delta 312
  • Fixed typos in ‘Where Is My Sister?’, ‘Fall of Tazoon: Refugees’, and the crystal ‘Ada Fruthak’s Memento’.
  • Trainers: Heldrur, Aminah, Hameth, and Jahaim now have correct inventory and no longer ask for Lore Tokens for currency.
  • Many crafting trainers formulas have been cleaned up and sync’d to what they should be selling.
  • Formulatron has been cleaned up and will no longer give formulas that can be purchased in game.
  • A scholar’s desk can now be found in Onyndriss’ building in Delgarath
  • Soul Shock is a mez and was incorrectly classified as a stun.
  • Updated some dialogue in quest “Grant Smyth's Fate” (when you choose to turn Grant in)
  • Granite Construction Blocks on L/S Dryad Memorial Trees, L/M/S Dwarven Memorial Headstones, L/M/S Elven Memorial Headstones, L/M Human Memorial Headstones, and L/M/S Saris Memorial Headstones now use Masonry instead of Essence Structuring
  • A small number of Crimson Ravagers have been spotted amongst the Crimson Shredders
  • Removed the duplicate Dryart attunement quest from Boltai.
  • Blight Crabs will spawn a bit more widely (but less densely) on the beaches near the Pirate’s Inlet
  • Avatar of Pain has a larger patrol region.
  • Fixed the Statue Mold’s resource and skill requirements.
  • Bond-Keeper’s Shielded is now more forgiving for incoming damage types
  • Emotion “Peaceful” will now only reduce damage by 10%
  • Emotion “Enraged” will now only increase damage by 10%
  • Cleric, Mage, Warrior and Scout schools now gain 50 additional health at level 1.

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2021-02-19 16:05:40
Developer's Desk 2021
2021, A new year, a new Developer’s Desk!

Some of you might remember what these are, but for those unfamiliar: with these posts we hope to peel back the curtains to give you, our community, a better look at all the things that have gone on, are going on, and will be going on for Istaria in the coming period.

This past year has been hectic for reasons we all know too well.  I imagine you as much as I have heard enough about the reality of our world on the news, so all we will say is that we hope all of you are healthy and in a good place going forward, and that this coming year is an improvement to all.

With 2020 we focused around continuing the main storyline quests in the game. This was in the form of The Ruin of Tazoon and The Cult of Nazderon updates. These brought ruin to the symbol of the Empire and introduced a previously unknown invading force - and to top it all off, the return of a maddened mage-king!

But it did not bring just ruin and destruction, for beauty did bloom in many corners of Istaria and a whole set of islands rose from the tumultuous seas north of Drakul.

On the more technical side there have also been many improvements, our tech-wizards applied their magic on many fields improving overall game stability, as well as implementing many new features like antialiasing support.

However, this is all what has occurred this past year, now for the real meat and potatoes of this Developer’s Desk: What to expect in the coming year.
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2021-02-15 15:50:34
The Three Shadows

Some of you may have noticed some shadowy figures we've posted across our social media the past few months. Soon the light will shine on their scales. For now, we are simply hosting all three teaser images in one community post to keep everything together and to be sure no one has been left out of seeing them.

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2021-02-06 10:04:01
Chaos Restart
We're doing a quick restart of Chaos to fix the problem with some missing NPC's.  It should be back online around 4:00 PM PST.
2021-01-26 14:52:51
Blight Delta 312
Wow - lots in this update and we're not finished yet. There was so much that we decided to do an intermediate delta to get some things onto Blight for testing. Check out the forums for more info!
2021-01-26 08:55:02
Blight Client 403.15.0


  • The game’s loading code has been rewritten which will greatly improve loading performance, allowing the game to load faster on the loading screen and stream assets ingame faster, as well as improving game stability.
  • The “Breath remaining” bar when underwater now always automatically centers and appears on top of other windows to prevent losing it.
  • The casting / ability usage bar will move itself back on screen if you accidentally moved it off and make sure it appears on top of other windows.
  • NPC Chat windows will make sure they are on-screen if they were accidentally moved off when greeting an NPC.
  • Additional optimisation has increased the client’s FPS.
  • The trade window now has a tab for your wallet, showing your currencies and their source similar to your wallet.
  • Both your wallet and the trade window can now show your currencies as a grid view, if you prefer to organise your tokens visually.
  • The map’s direction indicator is now higher quality and consistent in the default, sapphire, garnet, and emerald themes. Lava and ice already used this higher-quality icon.
  • Bee sounds from beehives are now quieter and have smaller radius
  • Add Use Option when you right click the Pet Window.


  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze while loading into a new area after a teleport.
  • Fixed an issue where assets would seemingly fail to load at random (such as textures appearing perpetually grey).
  • Improved performance of how plot permissions are applied
  • The ‘Hide Passives’ button is now inline with the search bar in the character window ability tab.
  • Item icons will now downscale to fit instead of being cut off in the wallet window.
  • Correct pet icon so that it does not truncate in pet window.

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2021-01-15 08:20:46
Happy Holidays and Merry Gnomekindle!

We here at Virtrium wish you all a wonderful holiday season and give the best wishes for the new year!


<img alt="Happy Holidays from Virtrium" src="" width="480" height="270" border="0" />


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2020-12-25 14:45:31
And We're Back
In the spirit of 2020 we had an outage overnight.  Everything should be online and working properly now but please let us know if you're experiencing any issues.
2020-12-18 09:35:51
Double Experience Periods

As you may have noticed, the post-rollback 2XP event had ended  today, Tuesday, December 1st, during maintenance.

However, our holiday 2XP period is scheduled to last as normal for two weeks during December! The tentative dates are as follows:
December 15th, 2020 through December 29th, 2020

We have split these events for two reasons.

  • Returning players who come for the holidays will not feel slighted by a sudden adjustment in the holiday double experience period.
  •  Extending the current period two more weeks is exceptionally long and out of the scope of our event period - sorry!
2020-12-01 12:45:07
Live Client 402.25.1


  • Cows now have a new sleep animation that looks less dead.
  • “Token wallet” interface container for holding all tokens.
  • Gnome houses now have beds. Tazoon Guild Hall benches are now more Gnome friendly.
  • Added a warning message if a special environment event is going on (like Winter) but you have special environments disabled.
  • Added a warning message if you disable critical prefs that might affect your ability to play the game (making NPCs invisible for example).
  • Allow abilities to be right-click used from the ability window


  • Fixed a very rare issue where dragging an item can cause the game to crash.
  • Quest AutoTracker defaults to ON for new installs.
  • Temporary fix to not display "You did the most damage" server messages (monster sending tells to grouped players upon death).
  • Fix for the icons on the lair map being in the wrong positions.
  • Fixed an issue where special events like Winter might incorrectly affect some files that it shouldn’t be.
  • Quest Tracker Modifications: Fix for AutoTrack loading all quests upon login.
  • Fix "close chat window" closing the wrong chat + chat crash
  • Correct various quest / NPC dialog windows links working. Can test changing schools with Cleric Beccan Tandis at 22633 22709
  • Added helper item inside mossy boulders so players don’t get stuck

2020-12-01 09:26:27