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Earning Skills[edit]

Most Adventure Skills or Crafting Skills are acquired when a character joins an Adventure or Crafting school, or are given to the character upon creation. Which Skills a character gains depends on which Adventure/Craft schools they join.

Raising Skills[edit]

There are 4 methods to increase a character's skill.

  • Increase a Related School's Level - Each Adventure or Crafting increases specific skills by a certain amount when a character gains a new level in that school. Each school adds skill points to different skills and in different amounts - check the School's page for more information.
  • Training Points - Many Schools can be directly improved by spending Training Points, or can be indirectly increased by improving their related Attribute.
  • Equipment Bonuses - Equipment may be Tech'd with skill or attribute bonuses.
  • Attribute Skill Chart - The stats Strength, Dexterity, Focus and Power affect crafting and adventure skills. Check Adventure Skills or Crafting Skills for the related skill charts.

List of skills[edit]

Overview of all available skills:
Physical Armor UseBowCrossbowEvasionIntuitionOne Hand CrushOne Hand PierceOne Hand SlashShieldTooth and ClawTwo Hand CrushTwo Hand SlashUnarmed
Magical AugmentationBlightDragon BreathEnergyFlameIceLifeMagic EvasionMindNaturePrimalSpiritSummoning
Crafting AlchemyArmorcraftBrewingCarpentryClothworkingCookingCrystalshapingDragon ScalecraftEarthencraftEnchantingEssence HarvestingEssence ShapingEssence StructuringFishingFittingFletchingForagingGemworkingIngenuityJewelcraftLairshapingLeatherworkingLoggingLumberingMasonryMetalworkingMiningPapermakingPreparingQuarryingSalvagingScribingSculptingSmeltingSpellcraftSpinningStoneworkingTailoringTanningTinkeringTransmutationWeaponcraftWeavingWoodworking


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