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There are 11 races in Istaria, which are also known as the Living Races. Each race has their own unique culture, appearance, and abilities, and they all fight together to battle the Withered Aegis. The non-Dragon races are collectively called Bipeds.

Base attributes[edit]

RaceHealthStrengthDexterityPowerFocusRacial abilities
Adult Dragon
Ancient Dragon
Dragon5080304545Armored Scales
Breath of Fire I
Dragon Hatchling
Dryad5025556060Alyssa's Cognizance
Dryad Dazzle
Dwarf5070454045Brobbet's Mandate
Dwarven Toughness
Elf5035655545Elven Leadership
Teachings of Galderos
Fiend5035505065Fiendish Channelling
Niatha's Gift
Gnome5030506060Gnomian Prowess
Technological Ingenuity
Half-Giant5080404535Giant Daze
Heritage of the Mountains
Human5045505055Istara's Blessing
Magical Aptitude
Saris5040804040Exceptional Sprint
Merrasat's Benevolence
Satyr5035653070Bachan's Blessing
Satyr's Charge
Sslik5060406040Kaasha's Scales
Sslik Regeneration

Total attributes per race is 250, except Half-Giant which has 10 more Health than the other races. "50" would be considered the attribute average.

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