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A list of game videos, trailers, howtos and player made stuff.

Trailers and teasers[edit]

Link An old Horizons game trailer.
Link The halloween event 2016 teaser.
Link The "Hours of Frost", winter event 2016 teaser.
Link Istaria Dragons experience trailer.

Fan trailers[edit]

Link "Flying Free": The little story about the small dragon Pryzm, becoming aduld on her journeys through Istaria.
Link "FlyFree": Yet another story about a hatchling to become aged.
Link Fantrailer containing lots of nice ingame impressions like landmarks and (epic) fights.
Link "Lonely Road": Hatchling Tygh exploring the world of Istaria.
Link The Flames of Ascension: Ascension of two dragon hatchlings.

Fun videos[edit]

Link Song "Good Morning" from Gene Kelly & Debbie Reynolds & Donald O'Connor with a nice Istaria video.
Link Song "Down" from Jason Walker with a nice Istaria video.
Link Song "Down" from Jason Walker , featuring another dragon ;-)
Link Song "You are my Sunshine" from Elizabeth Mitchell with a nice Istaria video.
Link "10 ways to die in Istaria": Well, I guess you got it..
Link Song "Radioactive" from Imagine Dragons, with another Istaria video.
Link I am not food!
Link "When weird stuff happens in Istaria": Pryzm's weird experiences (Bugs).

Ingame experience[edit]

Link A nice video showing off all of the epic spell/ability animations in the game's files (thanks chib!).
Link Biped fighting experience; Melee, Spells, Abilities, ... Also shows lots of different creatures.
Link Two dragons fighting their way through Dralnok's Doom.
Link Winter 2016/2017, final event day.
Link "Festival of Ash": A horde of dragons wandering through Istaria, having some fun.
Link The Rift adventure and the final ascension to an ancient dragon.
Link Pastle showing everyone a hatchling is way more powerful that the big ones would think!
Link Player versus player between two dragons.
Link Halloween 2016 event on blight.


Link "What is Istaria?": Thanks Racktor for that wonderful video leading everyone into the game.
Link "Getting started": Starting up the game with a new dragon hatchling and learn to interact on the starter island Skalkaar.
Link A nice tutorial about how to use the camera features.
Link "How to fly", a small vid teaching how you can fly with your dragon.
Link Pryzm's tutorial on how to install Istaria, register and start playing.

Guides and game mechanics[edit]

Link Offline world object editing. A new feature allows you to run Istaria in offline mode and edit the world. This guide explains how.
Link Video showing dual-boxing two dragons to gather resources and do some crafting.
Link How to make your way to Chiconis.
Link How to make texture mods on Istaria.
Link How to tinker your own, seamless Istaria GUI. Gives you impressions and tips about creating a nice graphics interface.
Link Walkthrough for the quest Seeking in the Maze.
Link Knowledge window and Item creation explained.

GFX impressions[edit]

Link "Istaria is beautiful": Locations and landmarks tweaked with Adobe After Effects, just for fun.