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Formulas are the templates used to be able to craft items throughout Istaria. In order to create a particular item you first need to 'scribe' the formula (Right-Click and choose 'Scribe (Formula Name)'. Once a formula was added to your knowledge book you can use it to create one or more items.

Formulas are obtained from:

Every formula requires a number of resources or sub components to create the item. For example, a Bronze Focus Chest Scale may require up to Bronze Bars to create.

Standard formula types[edit]

There are four types of formulas and some special types, aswell. If you're curious on what is available for each tier, please visit Category:Tiers

Type Min Skill
Beginner 1
Journeyman 400
Expert 800
Master 1000
Epic 1000+


A single formula may allow creation of more than just one item. For example, the Beginner Focus Chest Scale formula offers both, Sandstone and Slate Focus Chest Scales. Each has a minimum skill requirement to scribe. If a character’s current skill is too low they are unable to scribe the formula. There are various methods of increasing the current skill:

  • Boon spells, gift spells, stat potions and boon scrolls
  • Equipment with Techniques providing a bonus to the relevant skill, or stats
  • Tools, claws or armor parts with sockets. You can add crystals into sockets which increase stats or skills
  • Player built crafting shops boost the current skill level, depending on their tier.

Every product has a minimum and an optimum skill to create. When creating an item, the closer a character's skill is to the optimum skill, the more efficient they are - it will require fewer resources to make. For example, to create sandstone bricks, while you're on the minimum skill, requires 5 sandstone slabs. Creating those having the optimum skill (or higher) only requires 2 sandstone slabs per brick.

Machine bonuses[edit]

Machines on player owned plots/lairs give a bonus to related skills. The bonus is available for crafting purposes and is only shown in the creation window, not in the character skills window. If you are a few points less from being able to scribe a formula you can use the shops to scribe as long as you follow the simple rule of using the creation window.

Example: You want to scribe Expert Mining Pick (800 Metalworking) required. You are at 753 Metalworking. Simply act like your going to make an item that uses Metalworking, i.e. Journeyman Mining Pick, while standing next to an Expert Anvil. Be careful not to have a tool in your hand which may limit your skill. When the Creation Window opens, you will notice an increase in skills by below mentioned bonuses, boosting you to over 800 at this point. Leave the window opened, open your inventory and scribe the Expert Mining Pick formula.

Bipedal (Plot) bonuses[edit]

Machine type Skill bonus
Beginner +40
Journeyman +80
Expert +120

Dragon (Lair) bonuses[edit]

Machine type Skill bonus
Tier 1 +40
Tier 2 +60
Tier 3 +80
Tier 4 +100
Tier 5 +120
Tier 6 +140

Why can’t I buy a formula from a trainer/NPC?[edit]

Not all formulas are available from NPCs. You may be able to get those from combat, quest rewards or special trades only.

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