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Consigner NPCs are the shop-keepers of Istaria. Consigners will buy and sell goods for players, as opposed to Pawn Brokers who will generally only buy goods (though you can purchase some items off Pawn Brokers). Consigners charge a "stocking fee" to hold an item for sale. The Empire provides Consigners in most towns and cities, and players can build their own Consigner shops. Consigners are referred to as "connies" by players in-game.

Talk to a Consigner to find out more about them, or just use the trade icon to view what the Consiger has to sell. The Empire Consigners conduct their business in in New Trismus, Aughundell and Bristugo.

Note that only NPC consigners are listed here, no plot consigners.

Hebur HammerfistAughundell
Lady Aida the Very ReasonableAughundell
MilicentNew Trismus
Sir Aidan the ReasonableBristugo

Tier bonus[edit]

Consigners sell your goods in commission and take a fee for it. If your wares got not sold within 14 days they will be returned to your vault. The consignment slots and fees depends on the consigner:

Building Fee Max. Consignment Slots
Imperial Consigner 10% 150¹
Tier 1 Consigner 17,5% 15
Tier 2 Consigner 15% 30
Tier 3 Consigner 12,5% 45
Tier 4 Consigner 10% 60
Tier 5 Consigner 7,5% 75
Tier 6 Consigner 5% 90

¹ Depends on account subscription type and amount of subscriptions

  • 10 Free access
  • 50 Basic subscription
  • 150 Property Holder Access (x amount of subscriptions)

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