Title quests

From Istaria Lexica

Title quests are available throughout Istaria. Usually they are based on adventuring tasks and rewards from quest lines.

quest nameStarts withLevelCraft levelReward(s)
Balit's Story: The NemesisBalit65Title: Balit's Friend
Lycanthropy Ward Salve
Carry Warnings to Other MilitiasLady Kendra15Title: Kion Militia Rank - Private
Daily Riddle: The Blacksmith and the EmperorGata De Cheshire0Spring Event Pattern Butterflies
Title: The Riddle Solver
Title Bonus: Focus I
Defense of Sslanis: Storming the DeadSsoren19Title: Defender of Sslanis
Title Bonus: Focus II
Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: For the EmpireLord-Commander Jatell0Imperial Quartermaster Token
Title: Imperial Sell Sword
Burris' List of Trophies
Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: Need A HeroLeftenant Carmichael Kincaid100Imperial Quartermaster Token
Large Bag of Coins
Title Bonus: Epic Award I
Hero's Resolve
Title: Unsung Hero
Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The Hammer of KingsCorporal Dalmor100Title: Private of the Iron Guard
Earn Title: A Reel FishermanTed060Title: A Reel Fisherman
Title Bonus: Fishing IV
Earn Title: FishermanTed020Title: Fisherman
Title Bonus: Fishing II
Earn Title: Hooked on Fishin'Ted040Title: Hooked on Fishin'
Title Bonus: Fishing III
Earn Title: Skulk AvengerPrivate Elissa Malna21Title Bonus: One Hand Pierce I
Title: Skulk Avenger
Title Active: Skulk Damage II
Earn Title: Skulk SlayerPrivate Elissa Malna21Title: Skulk Slayer
Title Active: Skulk Damage I
Earn Title: The AnglerTed80Title: The Angler
Title Bonus: Fishing V
Epic: Way of the Dark TigerHasera Steelclaw100Token of Gratitude
Dark Leather Strip
Title: Eye of the Tiger
Title Bonus: Strength II
Title Bonus: Unarmed I
Gaileach: The Myloc Queen (Part 5)Gaileach100Title: Nemesis of the Mylocs
Title Bonus: Epic Award I
Title Bonus: Spirit Resistance I
Gaileach's Epic Spell Token
Gelrick's Fragments of EmblemGhost of Brilthor50Title: The Living Dead
Helian's Tomb: Final DesecrationBattleMaster Orthondrin34Title: Helian's Protector
Battlemaster's Stone
Title Bonus: Primal II
Title Bonus: Tooth and Claw II
Holy Symbols: The Tomb of AshlanderBishop Adan Orlas34Gem-Encrusted Key
Title: Protector of the Past
Imperial Army: The AssaultLieutenant Elderincus50Imperial Army Banner Pattern
Title: Champion of the Imperial Army
Title Active: Welger Damage and Resistance I
Imperial Army: The PackageSergeant Kelaasin60Title: Oakwood's Savior
Kion Militia: Assault at the GateCorporal Leshlia12Title: Kion Militia Rank - Private
Kion Militia: Victory (Biped)Sergeant Kipson14Saris Life Stone
Title: Kion Militia Rank - Corporal
Kion Militia: Victory (Dragon)Sergeant Kipson14Saris Life Stone
Title: Kion Militia Rank - Corporal
Knight of Creation: The ChallengeMost Honored Demonte Seviris1Title: Honored Knight of Creation
Title Bonus: Block I
Lost In The DuskBabbin Gabbledosh50Title: Gnome Walker
Plundered Tombs: The Ritual of Eternal Rest (Conclusion)Bishop Ronae il'Tor36Title: The Just
Relic Hunter: Learn about the Lost SettlementDennison Jadefellow25Title: Knowledge Seeker
Relic Preserver: Learn about the Dragon SettlementKarane the Historian25Title: Knowledge Seeker
Relics of a Dead PeopleBacharath93Title: Friend of the Satyr
Title Active: Undead Damage II
Shau's Grief: Taur-el HonoredEmperor Shau56Varrantoth's Blessing
Title: The Respected
Shau's MercyEmperor Shau50Title: Vindicator
Title Active: Welger Damage and Resistance II
Shau's Vengeance: Vengeance Concluded (Part 2)First-Lord Vor'at57Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Seal of Varrantoth
Title: Vengeance Served
Shau's WrathEmperor Shau50Title: Executioner
Title Active: Welger Damage and Resistance III
Sslanis Militia: Outrage in the JungleClaw-Guard Kanthoss15Jewelry and Scale Tech Kit: Kaasha's Sigil
Title: Sslanis Militia Rank - Feather-Guard
Sslanis Militia: The Bloodletters (Part 3)Sergeant Tsorash16Title: Bloodletters' Bane
Title Active: Fyakki Damage I
Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Conclusion)Spirit of Ryson Stormbringer (Inner Sanctum / Chamber of Devotion)15Token of Gratitude
Title: Friend of the Saris
Title Bonus: Armor I
Title Bonus: Health I
Galt's Jewel
The Darkness at Dusk (Part 4)Guard-Captain Bixben Lindnottin50Silver Mirror
Title: Werewolf Hunter
The Forest Skulk Threat IISergeant Bramdin Jonis20Title: Vandus Militia
Title Bonus: One Hand Pierce I
Title Bonus: Ice I
The Holy SymbolsCleric Beccan Tandis29Title: Member of the Clerical Order
Title Bonus: Life I
The Iron ConfectionerFillet15Title: Iron Confectioner
The Plague: Source (Part 3)Curate Teana Pluirean50Title: Scourge of the Cults
The Ruin of NazderonStromba Stonehand56Enclave's Stone of Power
Title: Hero of Kaiyar
The Satyr: The Machine of InhibitionBacharath93Title: Savior of the Satyr