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Black Widow Pet
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Pets were included on the Delta 252 update, as a gift for the 10th anniversary to Istaria - Chronicles of the Gifted. Since the 12th Anniversary combat pets got introduced.

Cargo pets[edit]

Cargo pets act as a second cargo disk. Unlike disks, you are also able to recall while using them. You can wear both, a cargo disk and a pet at the same time.

Combat pets[edit]

These pets serve their owners with passive and active boons.

Shoulder pets[edit]

Some shoulder pets add a remarkable look to the player, some give statistics boons. Bipeds equip them on their shoulder armor slots while dragons are using the chest scale slot.

Ally pets[edit]

Ally pets give your character a special ability and some enhancements.

Epic pets[edit]

Those are dropped from Epic Monsters

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