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Non Player Characters (NPCs) are denizens of Istaria that players can interact with. Some of them sell items to you for a good price (you bet!), others offer tasks and journeys you can achieve. By finishing those you may get worthy rewards you can use in your further adventures. You can identify an NPC by looking at his name, which always is colored blue.

Where do they live?[edit]

Most of the NPCs have their habitats in cities, outposts or settlements. You may even track down some encampments far from any roads or civilization. There are many locations to visit in Istaria.

Commanders, leaders, heros[edit]

There are quite a few important NPCs around. You may have heard of one or another. They've got interesting stories to tell and may give out urgent quests to willing adventurers. Of course you risk your life happily for the honor and respect of your leaders. This will for sure be generous rewarded.


The best way to become heroic these days is helping the weak ones. Go seek out some citizens of Istaria. Many have problems they cannot solve themselves, but a Gifted like you may be able to.

Trainers, teachers, trainers![edit]

Some NPCs are specialized on certain schools. For sure they are able to teach you from their knowledge but you may need to earn their trust before. Maybe by finishing some tasks or even have experience in other schools first.

Adventure Trainers[edit]

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Crafting Trainers[edit]

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NPCs and their jobs[edit]

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