Eastern Outpost

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Eastern Outpost
Destination pad: 28764 / 25650
Travel gate: No portal
Shrine: 28710 / 25650
Available plots: No plots
Available lairs: No lairs
Must be attuned by: Sergeant Akkator
Coordinates: 28764 / 25650
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The Eastern Outpost is a temporary Outpost east of the Yew Forest, built by the Empire of Istaria at the Aradoth Frontier to act as a staging ground for research into the Eastern Deadlands.


NPC NameSchoolRatingXY
Andorr the LumberjackBlacksmith9028,64525,712
Archwizard ThuridWizard11028,72325,664
BattleMaster Trikoz TrekDragon Adventuer10028,70625,665
Beldon the BraggerGuard9028,72325,675
Gian HawkwoodMercenary10528,74625,678
Imperial Mender SterlonHealer10028,75225,650
Private BorrinWarrior10028,72325,690
Private SsithanShaman10028,74625,689
Quartermaster NiiketzEngineer10028,73125,642
Ramu NassaMercenary10528,72825,653
Seldon the SearcherMage9828,73925,635
Sergeant AkkatorSpiritist10528,74625,675
Vargas the BoldQuartermaster10628,72725,680

All creaturesSchoolRating
Feral BloodsnoutGruok86
Feral Bloodsnout YounglingGruok81
Infected BonespurScorpion86
Toxic BonespurScorpion82
Virulent BonespurScorpion86
Voullis AnthagWraith94

Named creaturesSchoolRating
Voullis AnthagWraith94



Thurid: Wraith Cores (Part 3)Archwizard Thurid0
Earn Title: 3rd FalgutVargas the Bold0
Earn Title: 2nd ReklarVargas the Bold0
Earn Title: 2nd Fafnir the DefilerLord-Commander Jatell0
Earn Title: 3rd ReklarVargas the Bold0
Earn Title: 1st FalgutVargas the Bold0
Earn Title: 2nd Gruk the FrigidLord-Commander Jatell0
Earn Title: 2nd FalgutVargas the Bold0
Forest of Troubles (Part 3)Andorr the Lumberjack0
Earn Title: 1st ReklarVargas the Bold0
Attunement to Eastern OutpostSergeant Akkator85
Niesa's Fate (Part 5)Private Borrin90
(Daily) Kill One Greater Epic BossVargas the Bold90
Burning Archer: 19 - Find out if Ellynor is done shaping the gemstoneRanger
Elemental Archer
Archwizard Thurid90
Niesa's Enslavement (Part 2)Private Borrin90
(Weekly) Kill Greater and Lesser BossesVargas the Bold90
Burning Archer: 21 - Return to Sindenis to speak with herRanger
Elemental Archer
Archwizard Thurid90
Niesa's Enslavement (Part 3)Sergeant Akkator90
(Daily) Kill One Lesser Epic BossVargas the Bold90
Forest of Troubles (Part 1)Andorr the Lumberjack90
Niesa's Enslavement (Part 6)BattleMaster Trikoz Trek90
Forest of Troubles (Part 2)Andorr the Lumberjack90
Burning Archer: 17 - Locate a jeweler willing to shape the gemstoneRanger
Elemental Archer
Archwizard Thurid90
The Final Frontier (Part 1)Sergeant Akkator100
Earn Title: 1st Fafnir the DefilerLord-Commander Jatell100
Thurid: Wraith Cores (Part 1)Archwizard Thurid100
The Tale of Darkstaff the Ancient (Part 2)Seldon the Searcher100
(Daily) Acquire Gudal's Sceptre of CommandRamu Nassa100
The Final Frontier (Part 2)Sergeant Akkator100
Deadly Thorns (Part 1)Quartermaster Niiketz100
The Tale of Darkstaff the Ancient (Part 3)Seldon the Searcher100
The Final Frontier (Part 3)Sergeant Akkator100
Earn Title: 1st Gruk the FrigidLord-Commander Jatell100
Deadly Thorns (Part 2)Quartermaster Niiketz100
The Tale of Darkstaff the Ancient (Part 5)Seldon the Searcher100
The Tale of Darkstaff the AncientSeldon the Searcher100
Thurid: Wraith Cores (Part 2)Archwizard Thurid100
Infected ThornsQuartermaster Niiketz100
The Lost Patrol (Part 2)Sergeant Akkator100