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Colossal Scorpion.jpg

Scorpions were originally subterranean dwellers on the island of Drakul. Recent excavations deep into the earth across Istaria have disturbed their ancient breeding grounds and the creatures have begun to migrate to the surface through these newly constructed tunnels and chambers. They are mostly solitary creatures, but can be found in small groups when protecting clutches of eggs. One female scorpion, a breeder, can produce well over one hundred eggs in a season. However, many of the young do not survive, as they are often eaten by their own kind or by other dangers.

These eight-legged arachnids are dangerous creatures and prey on any living things they come across. They range in size from small (less than gnome sized) to large (adult dragon sized). Scorpions have two large pincered appendages and a segmented tail that is topped with a large stinger. Most scorpions carry a venom within the stinger that results in paralyzation, allowing the beast to feast uninterrupted on its still-living prey. Scorpions come in different colors, befitting their environment. Underground they are mostly grey, black or pale. While the species found in more arid environments such as deserts are shades of brown or black.