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Provides some alternate mouth, claw, and horn colors for dragons.  +
Raises chat entry bar to show a big, better readable font while writing.  +
Removes the (brown) texture from the hotkey bar background.  +
Makes existing dyes more colorful.  +
Let's rain fall down in the regions of Istaria.  +
Adds emotes to your character.  +
Adds blue crafting icons to the game.  +
Replaces the hoard pictures in equipment window.  +
Compacts the quest list so it's more overviewable.  +
Colors wisps a bit more decent so you can differ them.  +
An alternative theme (orange) for your istaria interface.  +
Let's your lair look as if it were completed already.  +
Head and stripe modifications for dragons.  +
Lets your ancient dragon look like a hatchling  +
Adds shiny spikes to your dragon.  +
Beautifies dragon breaths by adding a better resolution to their effects.  +
Kaex' modifications to look like a blighted dragon.  +
Modifies the look and feel of your dragon.  +
White teeth and horns for your dragon  +
Lets your hatchling dragon look like an ancient  +
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