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A quest giver
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This tool enlists all quests you need to finish for a chosen quest. The search bar below only autocompletes for quests. If you are unsure about a quest name, use the wiki's search bar (the one at the top of the page). You can call this tool on every quest's article page you'll find on the wiki.


  • If you double click on a quest, the quest details opens up in a new tab/window
  • You can collapse the subquests by clicking on the arrows
  • Below search bar only autocompletes for quests (makes searching easier)
  • A '(required)' quest signals that there is another quest tree you may need to do. Double click it to open the quest tree for that quest.
  • Note that some quests will be shown more than once. This is due to the requirements of the quests. So for bigger quest lines, a high quest counter (e.g. 300+) is usually not the full truth.
  • It may take a while until the result is shown. Go get a coffee!
  • Quest Tree tells you if there's missing data or other problems. If you encounter any, feel free to fix or tell someone who would be able to.
  • Found a bug or have improvement ideas? Contact Me:

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Determines the required and followup quests you need to do for a given quest. +
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