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Location info:
Destination pad: 25946 / 22067
Travel gate: 25946 / 22110
Shrine: 25902 / 22059
Available plots: 11
Available lairs: 5
Must be attuned by: Master Selen
25946 / 22067
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Selen is a settlement southeast of Feladan in the area of the Aradoth Frontier. The portal to Balit's Island is located on an island to it's south (26070, 21159).

NPCs located here or nearby

NPC NameSchoolJobXY
Master Selen25,94722,053
Seril the EmptyWarrior25,52122,309

Available portals to

Quests found at Selen

Quest name Started at Min levels
Adv. / Craft
Adv. / Craft

Attunement: Selen Master Selen

none / none