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This quest line begins with Karane the Historian. She will offer you Becoming an Adult Dragon: Choose Your Path once you have met the requirements.

Please, also read the main page: Rite of Passage!


Quest nameTypeStarts atLocation
Becoming an Adult Dragon: Choose Your PathErrandKarane the HistorianChiconis
Investigate Karane the Historian's TaleErrandKarane the HistorianChiconis
Lunus Path 1: Becoming an Adult DragonErrandValkoth the AncientDralk
Lunus Path 2: Acquire a Crystalline Vessel For Your Phylactery.AdventureLantenal the HermitDralk
Lunus Path 3.1: Create A Hardened Silver ClawAdventureValkoth the AncientDralk
Lunus Path 3.2: Defeat the EnslaversAdventureValkoth the AncientDralk
Lunus Path 3.4: Acquire an Imbued Silver ClawErrandLantenal the HermitDralk
Lunus Path 4: Create a Statue of Your Adult SelfAdventureValkoth the AncientDralk
Lunus Path 5: Create a Phylactery of ShadowsAdventureValkoth the AncientDralk
Lunus Path 6: Complete Your Journey and Become a True LunusErrandValkoth the AncientDralk

Involved NPCs[edit]

Items rewarded/needed[edit]

To be defeated[edit]

Creature nameMin levelMin healthXY
Crystallized Golem502,50027,67020,570
Enslaver of Mind606,35030,25921,357
Enslaver of Spirit606,35030,12521,238
Enslaver of Will606,35029,84421,314
Entombed Will6051,18029,87721,391
Esh the Mind Lasher6031,23022,26034,970
Ghostly Dragon551,47529,95021,340
Guardian of Faces452,10627,67520,575
Kaa the Shade6016,23022,34035,690
Lem the Cold6016,23022,85035,020
Shadow Dragon80115,12029,80021,030

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