Elissa Malna: Lost Cargo Disk

From Istaria Lexica

Quest type: Errand
From NPC(s): Private Elissa Malna
Required adventure school: Any (level: 18)
Locations: Sable Shore
Next quest(s): Elissa Malna: A New Cargo DiskThe Forest Skulk Menace I
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Item(s) required to start, progress or finish the quest:
Broken Cargo Disk

Private Elissa Malna has just been posted to the Sable Shores and is already having more trouble than she expected! The forest skulks are causing trouble with travelers and traders and one of them lost a cargo disk. Maybe you can help find it!

Quest text[edit]

Elissa tells you, Welcome to the Sable Shores, <player>! It is good to meet one of the Gifted. I've heard so much about you! Well, not you you, but you as a group. You know! You do know what I mean, right? No? *she blushes* I'm sorry... I just don't get to meet that many people and I'm having trouble with the forest skulks and I don't want to mess this up and.... now I'm rambling!

Elissa tells you, Oh! I know... maybe you could help me out? You see, the forest skulks moved here to the forests not long after the Dryad regrew the trees. And it seems they don't like anyone here in what they think is their forest! So they've started attacking travelers and traders. So I was posted here to help guard the bridge to Lesser Aradoth.

Elissa tells you, But the other day this trader comes through and says he's gonna cut down some of the elm trees north of here. Okay, I say, be careful and I told him all about the skulks. But did he listen? No, of course he didn't! A couple hours later he comes running for his life back to me, complaining that they attacked him and that he had to abandon his cargo disk! And he asks me to go find it...

Elissa tells you, Well, obviously I can't leave my post! I want to help him, but if I leave my post my superiors might be upset with me. And what if someone else was attacked while I was away? But here you are! Maybe you could go find the cargo disk for me? Please? *she gives you a big smile*

You've found the lost cargo disk, but it appears to have been smashed and is definitely unusable. And if it once help any logs they are long gone. You should go back to Sable Shores and tell Private Malna..

You have received 1 Broken Cargo Disk.

Elissa tells you, You found it? Truly? I knew I could count on you! So where is it? Broken and unusable? Oh no... Well, I will tell the trader next time he comes through. I thank you for your assistance, <player>. I can't pay you for your trouble, but I did find these just the other day. Maybe you could use them?

You have received 5 Scion of Elm.


  • Listen to Elissa's tale of the lost cargo disk
  • Locate the lost cargo disk for Private Malna. The trader who lost his disk was gathering elm in the forest north of Sable Shore.
Triggers at 21534/22883(map)
  • Return to the Sable Shores and tell Private Malna about the lost cargo disk


  • Adventure Experience: 5850
  • Money: 12s 600c
  • Reward: Scion of Elm