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Surely your are lurking all over the wiki to search information you may need while playing. And, of course, you have found wrong or missing information on some of the pages. Since you are trying to achieve your goals in Istaria you find your own ways to get the missing information and succeed.

Comment field on a creature page

This might be the right moment to give a feedback on the wiki, too. There is a small comment option at the upper part of each article. You can use it even without being registered.

Leaving a comment should be as exact as possible. Here are some hints for you which could be helpful:

  • Add a location if you know it (coordinates, city, dungeon, portal, etc.)
  • Add an exact name (even upper and lower case) for a missing name or reference
  • Describe what is missing or what has to be updated (on fight strategies as an example)

The community guys will update it as soon as they examine the comment (Some are informed by e-mail so the reaction time could be pretty fast!).

That's all, easy isn't it? :-)

Original material from istaria.wikia.com by Elteria Shadowhand — licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0.