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What is a Stub?[edit]

Stubs on Istaria Lexica are articles which miss information to be accurate enough. They are marked as such by placing Template:Stub in their header. The Stub template puts a link into the Category:Stubs which gives everyone an overview on what could be worked on, or what is yet to be completed. While reading a stubbed article, you are informed by the template that the provided information is not yet complete, maybe even some details about what has to be done.

Advices for editors[edit]

  • Marking articles as stub is everyone's task
  • Unmarking articles as stub aswell.
  • There are no rules for unstubbing at all. If you feel the article's contents are okay, unstubbing is the proper way.
  • If you found a stubbed article, but you're sure it's not (anymore) necessary - feel free to unstub it. Cleaning up things is always good :)

Advices for readers[edit]

If you found a Stub where you know more information about, you're very welcome to let us know that. There are different ways you can provide it to us.