The Bones of a Master (Part 1)

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The Bones of a Master (Part 1)
Type: Adventure
BattleMaster Valrukhath 
Located at:
Granite Hills Camp 
Required adventure school:
Required race:
Required adventure level:
Required craft school:
Required skill:
Required craft school level:
Required skill level:
Previous Quest: Fall of Tazoon: Refugees 
Next Quest: The Bones of a Master (Part 2) 

A revered ancient Dragon fell protecting the refugees as they fled the ruin of Tazoon. Now the invaders seem to defile her body!

Quest text[edit]

Valrukhath tells you, My friend, we must speak of a dire matter. You know of the destruction of the city of Tazoon, yes? One of our own, a Master and Ancient, happened to be in the city at the time of the explosion and subsequent invasion. Ambirannis was her name, well-respected if not so well-known, and one of the foremost leaders of the Followers of Helian.

Valrukhath tells you, The explosion killed many residents of the city outright, but the invaders quickly began to slaughter many more even as hundreds fled through the remaining gates. If not for Ambirannis, many more would have been killed. She put herself in harm's way to protect them. Yes, I was as surprised as you to hear of one of our kind shielding the naka-duskael. That was the greatness of Ambirannis.

Valrukhath tells you, I had been dispatched to aid her, but arrived too late and saw only her final glorious moments, <player>. Some of the refugees claim she had been fighting for hours against incredible odds, defying the enemy who led numerous assaults against her, and defending those who fled through the North Gate of Tazoon. In the end, however, she was overwhelmed by numbers too great for even one such as her to withstand.

Valrukhath tells you, I spoke of her final moments, <player>, and I feel that I should tell others of it. Not to extol her death nor to glorify the Welger, but to laud the prowess, courage, and sacrifice of one of our own against such incredible odds.

Valrukhath tells you, I admit that I was momentarily taken aback and should have engaged in the fight as soon as I arrived, but the sight of Ambirannis, surrounded by the Welger and their cruel weapons, stunned me into immobility. Even in the few moments that I witnessed, I saw her slay more than a hundred with her dying breath, fire and claws, extinguishing all in a glorious whirlwind of death.

Valrukhath tells you, As I regained my senses I gladly threw myself into the fight, catching them by surprise and driving them back, but only long enough for them to regroup just inside the ruined city.

Valrukhath tells you, With her dying breath, Ambirannis bade me protect those who fled the city and so here I remain. *He looks over at the Sergeant* I would have remained by her side, but the invaders poured from the gate in numbers too great for me to withstand and if I were dead, I could not keep my vow.

Valrukhath tells you, They... they have begun to defile her, <player>. They have turned her body into a pyre on which they... they... cook their food! It is a travesty, a sacrilege, and it cannot be borne!

Valrukhath tells you, I need your help, <player>, all of Dragonkind needs your help. Those who would defile the body of a great one such as her must be punished! Locate her body, my friend, it is just outside the North Gate and slay those who would defile her.

Valrukhath tells you, Well done, <player>. They may think twice before coming close to her body again. We will talk about this matter again.


  • Listen to Valrukhath
  • Valrukhath is upset and wants your help
  • Slay six (6) Varan Revelers around the body of Ambirannis
  • Return to BattleMaster Valrukhath at the Granite Hills Camp
  • Valrukhath is satisfied

Target mobs[edit]


  • Adventure Experience: 16800
  • Money: 25s