Thanthor the Fisher

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Location: Bridgeview
Rating: 10
School: Fisher
Health: 20
20904 / 22844
Thanthor the Fisher.jpg

Thanthor tells you, Hello there, friend. What brings you up to the Crystal Lakess? Ssight-sseeing? Sseeking adventure? I ssought adventure in these very hills many years ago, but now I'm too old and I ache too much to go running around. Sso now I just sit here and fish. Or, well, I did before the water golems began scaring the fish away and scaring me away.

Thanthor stands on a mole east of the Lakes of Crystal Tears.

Quests available[edit]

QuestTypeAdv. SchoolAdv. LevelCraft SchoolCraft Level
Go Fishing for Thanthor the FisherCrafting100
Help Out Thanthor the FisherAdventure100
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