Elial the Mercenary

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Elial the Mercenary
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School: Mercenary
Tier: Tier 6
Creature Type: Semi-intelligent
Attack Types: Slash

Attacks on sight:

Creature does not aggro when passing by.

Is social:

Creature does not aggro companions to fight you.

Is named:

Creature is a named enemy.




12169 / 42149

Elial the Mercenary is an epic monster that is spawned by the Guardian of Elial in The Rift during the Ancient Rite of Passage.



Combat Tactics[edit]

  • The Breakdown

Elial The Mercenary uses the class Berserker which is a melee DPS class with powerful abilities and buffs like Improved Berserk Rage. His sword, Riftrender, makes his damage Ethereal meaning his damage will ignore whatever armor value you have. This is problem obviously because without a severe amount of Ethereal Armor stacking, Elial will combined with his massive Strength stat will kill you in one or two hits. His most dangerous attacks are Critical Strike, Multistrike, and Cleave, as well as, Improved Berserk Rage.

  • Tactic 1: Dragon Mob

A straightforward tactic with minimal investment. Have a group of at least 5 dragons some with high HP to take him down and resurrect with Primal Rebirth and Primal Restoration when necessary. It is recommended to bring Geleon's Master Scroll and a dragon or two with the tech kit Drulkar's Retribution applied to reduce his strength.

  • Tactic 2: Ethereal Dragon Tank(s)

This tactic has a good amount of investment built into but will vastly increase your survivability. Using a dragon with an ethereal armor set using Ethereal Essence Salve while teching the back, hindleg, and wing scales with slash resistance. You should have a total of 1425 ethereal armor without buffs and items applied. The set should look like this

    • Head - Priceless Scale: Salve + Crystal (Health +150)
    • Chest* – Priceless Scale: Salve + Saris Stone of Friendship
    • Forelegs – Priceless Scale: Salve + Reliquary of the Saris
    • Back – Priceless Scale: Salve + Slash Resistance V
    • Hindlegs – Priceless: Salve + Slash Resistance V
    • Tail** – Priceless Scale: Salve + Slash Resistance V
  • *Can be replaced by the Ceremonial Chest Scale for +208 Ethereal Armor. The Drulkar's Retribution tech kit can also be used instead of the salve for 5% chance to reduce his strength by 80%.
  • **Can be replaced by Reklar Tail Scale of Power for 25% less melee damage.

For more ethereal armor, consider using Stone of Seeking’s effect, Void Crystal of Form, Violet Armor Crystal of Ether, and Armor of the Watcher. Geleon's Master Scroll is also a valuable item to use as it reduces his damage by 75% for a minute and Gift of Health and Enhance Health scrolls to help increase your HP pool.

As the tank, try to keep damage on yourself with Menacing Presence, while slowing him down with Staggering Howl and Gold Rage/Breath of Ice. Don’t use Protection as you don’t get base Ethereal Armor no matter what the tooltip tells you.


Original material from istaria.wikia.com by Takora Drakan — licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0.