Lesser Aradoth

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Destination pad: No pad
Travel gate: No portal
Shrine: No shrine
Available plots: No plots
Available lairs: No lairs
20000 / 23000
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Lesser Aradoth is the home of the Saris and Sslik races, with the Saris being the more dominant on the isle. Although relatively safe compared to the Deadlands, Lesser Aradoth does have its share of trouble with the Withered Aegis. New traveler must be careful on the roads due to patrolling agents of the Withered Aegis, some which often catch new adventurers unaware.

NPCs located here or nearby

NPC NameSchoolJobXY
Felion MorTreant19,93823,333
Khemarius (Lesser Aradoth)Dragon Adventurer20,55723,607
Ranger KisharRangerOrder of Rangers20,42223,440
Spirit of Ryson Stormbringer (Lesser Aradoth)Knight of Creation19,83022,868

Named creatures

Creature nameSchoolLevel
Captain BrakSaris Skeleton Strider18
Sergeant TarnAegis Mage15

All creatures

Creature nameSchoolLevel
Biting FlyFly9
Blood Maggot17
Bronze ChestChest1
Bronze Chest MimicChest10
Captain BrakSaris Skeleton Strider18
Cedar ChestChest1
Cedar Chest MimicChest10
Cedar TreantTreant14
Enraged Cedar TreantTreant16
Forest Crawler AmbusherForest Spider15
Forest Crawler SoldierForest Spider10
Forgotten SoulAegis Ghost Berserker42
Massive Cedar TreantTreant15
Sandstone ChestChest1
Sandstone Chest MimicChest10
Scorched Risen MarauderAegis Skeleton Warrior13
Sergeant TarnAegis Mage15
Spectral BloodmageAegis Ghost Bloodmage19
Venomous Stalker AggressorTarantula22
Venomous Stalker BreederTarantula21
Venomous Stalker HatchlingTarantula17


Quests found at Lesser Aradoth

Quest name Started at Min levels
Adv. / Craft
Adv. / Craft

Barridin's Bane: Verdean Barridin the Miner

none / none

Clear Out the Blighted Outpost Felion Mor

16 / none

Felisie's Desires Felisie Heyga

10 / none

Kill Enraged Cedar Treants Felion Mor

17 / none

Monk: Proof of Skill Hasera Steelclaw

100 / none

Monk: The Final Trial Hasera Steelclaw

100 / none

Monk: Trial of Mind Khenet

100 / none

Rangers in Danger: The Relic of Merrasat Ranger Kishar

16 / none

Research: Verdean Core Chunk (Biped) Barridin the Miner

none / none

Research: Verdean Core Chunk (Dragon) Barridin the Miner

none / none

Sslanis Militia Needs Help Krianos, Drugan Nandosh, Clerash, Grulnar, Daggle Ironshaper, Town Marshall Dezwar Gabbledock, Ssoren, Saenethra, Marshall Fohadon, Private Asenath

14 / none

Sslanis Militia: Outrage in the Jungle Claw-Guard Kanthoss

15 / none

Sslanis Militia: The Venomous Legion Claw-Guard Kanthoss

15 / none

The Hidden Dragon: Primal Restoration Hidden Dragon

20 / 10

Dragon Adventurer
The Hidden Dragon: Recovering Knowledge Hidden Dragon

20 / 10

Dragon Adventurer
The Hidden Dragon: Tsraari's Tale Hidden Dragon

20 / 10

Dragon Adventurer







Blighted areas


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